Testimonials – Caregivers Are Talking About United…


“My practice has been using United Clinical Laboratory for all of our health and wellness testing.  The speed at which our results are reported is unmatched.”

Provider, Palm Beach FL


“It’s so refreshing to call my laboratory for results and actually have someone familiar answer the phone.  That feel of tailor made customer service saves me time from being transferred to several departments like most corporate laboratories do.”

Provider, Martin County FL


“One of the biggest pain points we have experienced with other laboratories is the timeliness and turnaround of our toxicology confirmation testing.  Having complete results in 24 hours allows our treatment model to be implemented much quicker resulting in more effective patient care.”

Provider, Palm Beach FL


“From the online report viewing tools to the professionalism of the couriers, UCL offers a complete service as a one stop shop.  I cannot say enough on the efficiency of using a single lab to satisfy different areas of testing.”

Provider, Miami Dade FL


“The staff simply knows what they are talking about, it’s great to associate and collaborate with United.  Keep up the excellent work!”

Provider, Los Angeles CA